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Register a Company

How much Capital do you need to set up your Chinese company?

September 26,2017 | Alex Phillips

When looking to set up your Chinese company, one of the first things you'll hear about is Registered Capital. There can be lots of conflicting advice and statements around the rules - here's what you need to know

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Hire and Employ Webinars

Webinar: The Secrets to Building a Winning Team in China

September 12,2017 | Alex Phillips

To move forward and scale your Chinese business, who you bring on board and how you manage them will be some of the most important decisions you’ll ever make.

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Market Insight Import and Fulfilment

Working with Chinese Suppliers. A Source of Trouble or Opportunity?

September 08,2017 | Alex Phillips

"It just doesn't add up, why would they do this to us?" Asks the experienced procurement manager at a firm who has been sourcing and exporting from China for two decades. The comments came when attempting to retrace the steps that led to his company...

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Hire and Employ

How easy is terminating a Chinese employee?

September 01,2017 | Zheng Ting

When building your team in China, it's easy to think of all the positives. Bringing in new ideas, energy and taking your business to the next level can conjour up all sorts of intoxicating emotions. 


The flip side of this is that businesses...

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Hire and Employ

What you need to know about the Chinese Housing Fund

August 25,2017 | Zheng Ting

Established in 1999, the housing fund allows Chinese employees to save money towards purchasing their own house. This is wildly different to any other types of employer contribution required in the UK and catches many market entrants by surprise


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Register a Company Webinars

Webinar - How Easy is Setting up a Company in China?

August 17,2017 | Alex Phillips

Hire and Employ

How Social Security impacts employment in China

August 15,2017 | Zheng Ting

There are a few key things you need to set up as an employer in China. It’s wise to fully understand your obligations before going down the road of employing staff.


Figuring this out once you begin onboarding a new member of staff could result...

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Hire and Employ

The cost of an employee in China vs the UK - what's the difference?

August 04,2017 | Zheng Ting


China has a longstanding reputation for being a country where everything is cheaper. In many ways this is true; after all, there's a good reason why many businesses chose to move their manufacturing bases to the country.

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Getting Paid

Why you need a Fapiao policy for your business in China

July 31,2017 | Dave Heywood

To an outsider, Fapiao can seem needlessly complicated. For years, businesses and their employees have used the Chinese VAT invoices as a method of reducing individual income tax liabilities. Like most things in China though, times are changing, and...

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Market Insight Import and Fulfilment Webinars

Webinar: Made in China, For China - The Emerging Trend

July 11,2017 | Alex Phillips

China used to be the market to go get things made. It is now the most attractive fast-growth market to sell to in the world.

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