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China Trademark Registration

How to take back control when your trademark in China is stolen

April 26,2017 | Summer Xin

It's a brand owners worst nightmare. After all the careful planning and preparation for market entry, creating a brand and voice that connects with your customers is China, finding that your labor of love has been taken from you can be a distressing...

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Selling Online in China

All talk? Just how strong is WeChat's ecosystem...

April 25,2017 | Summer Xin

China Tech Insightsan English research unit established by Tencent’s Online Media Group, has just published their WeChat User & Business Ecosystem report 2017, providing a fantastic and detailed insight into the strength and diversity of the...

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Who benefits from the latest Tax changes in China?

April 20,2017 | Tianna Ti

On Wednesday the 19th April, China’s State Council approved ¥380 billion in tax relief and changes to VAT rates.


This is a move that's as much about political favor ahead of the 19th National Congress as it is bolstering economic growth, but...

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Doing Business in China

What's driving China's economic growth this quarter?

April 19,2017 | Dave Heywood

Fresh reports indicate the Chinese economy has seen it’s strongest period of growth in 18 months, with GDP growing by 6.7% in Q1 of 2017.

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Want to import into China? Know your options...

April 14,2017 | Tony Yu

When taking those first steps, planning export of products into China, I often receive lots of questions from western businesses about the multitude of import rules and regulations, how they vary across different product categories and sometimes, how...

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China Market Entry Doing Business in China Chinese Accounting & Tax China Company Registration

[INFOGRAPHIC] - 7 'Time Vampires' you wouldnt expect when running your business in China

April 11,2017 | Tianna Ti

Prepare yourself for operating your business in China, our infographic helps you understand 7 key business processes that may be simple in the UK and other western markets, but can often be a lot tricker in China

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China Trademark Registration China Company Registration

5 reasons trademarking in China is more important than you think

April 06,2017 | Andy Clayton

Trademark protection is important in China. This cannot be stressed enough. Having negotiated on behalf of companies who have fallen foul of trademarking in China, and witnessed their painful consequences, I cannot over-emphasise this.


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China Market Entry China Trademark Registration

Three people most likely to steal your trademark in China

April 06,2017 | Andy Clayton

Who they are and how to protect yourself


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Employment in China

Are the recent Chinese work permit changes a positive step forward?

March 31,2017 | Summer Xin

Earlier this month, the Ministry of Public Security (MPS) announced:


  • A move to a shared online system for visa applications and renewals,


  • A new pilot program for five-year work permits, available to foreign workers that have been employed for...
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China Market Entry Choosing a Chinese name

How Airbnb got their Chinese naming wrong, and how you can do a better job

March 24,2017 | Andy Clayton

Airbnb - the worlds largest hospitality broker, with over 3 million listings in over 191 countries has just announced its new chinese name. Has it all gone to plan?

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