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Operating online

Take the red pill and wake up to China's cyber security laws

June 22,2017 | Summer Xin

In the 1999 hit film, 'The Matrix', the main protagonist, Neo discovers that the world around him is not as it seems, and is, in reality, an entirely artificial construct.

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Chinese Accounting & Tax Webinar

Webinar: Repatriating Money from China - What You Need to Know

June 15,2017 | Alex Phillips

It’s often said about doing business in China that: “You can never get your money out”. Therefore, goes the logic, there is no point setting up a business in China in the first place.

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China Trademark Registration

The essential checklist for registering your trademark in China

June 14,2017 | Summer Xin

One of the most important things you need to tick off your to-do list as part of your market entry is registering your Trademark in China.

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China Market Entry Selling in China China Cross-Border E-Commerce

A practical guide to boosting sales with WeChat

June 08,2017 | Guest contributor

With 938m monthly active users, Tencent’s WeChat is no doubt the most popular messaging app in China, but its large potential extends beyond just connecting people with each other, as the super-app can also connect consumers with services and brands.

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China HR

By the book - Why you should pay close attention to your Chinese employee handbook

May 29,2017 | Zheng Ting

The employee handbook. For many western employees, such as those in the UK, the handbook is often distributed, flicked through and relegated to a bottom drawer - resigned to its fate.



In China, its something that needs to be taken a little more...

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China Free Trade Zones Importing into China

What's the best approach to avoid painful Chinese supply chain costs?

May 25,2017 | Tony Yu

You'd struggle to find many people to disagree wth me that a smooth, efficient supply chain is absolutely vital to succeeding in China. A sale isn't truly complete until the goods are in the hands of your customer and payment has been received.



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China Market Entry Importing into China Chinese Accounting & Tax

How are Chinese import taxes calculated?

May 19,2017 | Tony Yu

When importing into China, the rates imposed can vary depending on some key factors, which are assessed when calculating duty and VAT rates. 

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Chinese Accounting & Tax Webinar

Webinar: Getting Paid in China

May 16,2017 | Alex Phillips

When signing major B2B sales deal in China, you will often get stuck at the last and most critical hurdle – getting paid.

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Employment in China China HR

Hiring a freelancer in China - The key to success

May 03,2017 | Zheng Ting

Hiring a freelancer for your China business can be a great way to bring in some targeted expertise, typically for a shorter period of time, either to deliver a fixed project or support for a particular period.


Here are the major, practical...

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China Trademark Registration

How to take back control when your trademark in China is stolen

April 26,2017 | Summer Xin

It's a brand owners worst nightmare. After all the careful planning and preparation for market entry, creating a brand and voice that connects with your customers is China, finding that your labor of love has been taken from you can be a distressing...

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