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"We were fortunate to be introduced to LNP just as we started our move into China and their local knowledge helped us to efficiently navigate entry into the Chinese market, saving us time and resources.

Thanks to LNP's agency service, we were able to get to market quickly, import into China, and start selling in China.

In large part due to LNP's end-to-end support, we are now growing very rapidly in the Chinese market."

Photo Booth

Alexandra Hay,
Managing Director,
The Photobooth Company

“LNP China have been crucial in allowing us to sell our Chinese-manufactured goods directly in China, allowing us to expand rapidly in this key market.

The LNP team have been incredibly helpful, supportive, and professional in helping us expand to China.”

Darling Clothes

Heff Moraes, CEO,
Darling Clothes

“Andy Clayton and his team proved an excellent addition to our own team, both in terms of his invaluable advice on doing business in China.”

Innovation 1st

Nicky Groenendijk, Creative Services Manager,
Innovation 1st

“We are grateful for the part LNP China has played in our growth in China,

they are professional and have fit in seamlessly with the rest of the business in China.”


Karim Al-Wadi,
Chief Representative, Irrifrance

“LNP China offers the perfect stepping stone for overseas companies coming to sell into the China market.”

Studio Output

Jim Fields, China General Manager,
Studio Output

"LNP have provided a number of services to us over the years helping to support our growing operations in the Chinese market. They are attentive, helpful and insightful and we wouldn’t hesitate to recommend them and

the unrivalled services LNP offers to companies entering the Chinese market"


Richard Taylor, Strategic Development Director,

"LNP's team of China experts has been critical in bridging the logistical, regulatory and legal divide between West and East

We would recommend LNP without hesitation to any business looking to expand to China."

Haygrove Ltd.

Richard Mills, Finance Director,
Haygrove Ltd.

"We were able to deliver a successful and profitable training course in China thanks to LNP. Everything from processing payments to local customer service support in China were

delivered to a standard that exceeded all expectations."

CFD Direct Ltd.

Jenya Collins, Operations Director
CFD Direct Ltd.

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